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My Little Hartbeep.

A four-week holistic antenatal programme with a difference.
Your journey to motherhood will be one of the most magical and empowering experiences of your life, filled with beautiful and unforgettable moments amidst new challenges.

That’s why we’ve created a holistic antenatal programme with a difference – a programme that harnesses the natural power of rhythm and music to help you and your baby form a deep connection, and prepare you both for childbirth and your magical journey beyond.

This new course is the very first of its kind; a musical-backed antenatal programme, providing mothers-to-be with real life tools and techniques for childbirth, parenthood and beyond. In my opinion, this is the best music based antenatal course out there.
Kiki Hansard, Award-winning doula and author

Why choose us?


We believe mums-to-be should be better supported in their journey to motherhood and beyond.


We believe there should be no ‘greatest kept secrets of childbirth’.


We believe women should feel proud of what their mind and body can achieve during pregnancy.


We believe in the power of rhythm and music to form a deeper connection between mother and babies.


We believe in the importance of connecting with other mothers and forming new friendships.


We believe in using the powerful combination of science and nature.
My Little Hartbeep helped me to connect, feel bonded, take time out and start to feel like a mummy.

What can I expect?

Bond with your baby
Form a deep connection with your little-one-to-be and prepare for your journey together.

New friendships
Share experiences and feel supported by like-minded mums-to-be.

Breathing techniques
Breathe and relax through our breath programme, designed to help you during labour.

Relaxation sessions
Learn how to feel calm and focused through visualisation techniques.

Antenatal & birth education
Feel prepared for labour and motherhood with advice from expert doulas.

Beautiful Music
Explore the power of music to calm your body and nurture a bond with your baby.

The rhythm of two beating hearts in the first language shared between mother and baby, a language to be treasured forever.

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